It would have been the 2022 season that I did not want to look back at, in some way, from the perspective of the Jeonnam Dragons and Minister Lee, who is in charge of Jeonnam. I tried my best to win, but it didn’t work out. There must have been quite a lot of pain because there were so many games where I wondered how it would not go this far. It may have been an indescribable pain in the position of manager Lee, who is in charge of the team.

So, the atmosphere of the 2023 season winter training camp in Jeonnam is full of determination that the 2023 season should be different. Director Lee, the head coach, said at the meeting with <Best Eleven> that he was doing his best through the given training to fill in the missing parts. Although it was last year when there were regrets left, he expressed confidence that he could present a stronger Jeonnam to fans in the 2023 season, saying that there was a harvest gained even in that. 헤라카지노도메인

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