This Chosun Ilbo report depicted the situation before and after the self-immolation in seconds as if watching from the side. Because of this, there is a suspicion that the entire CCTV recording

of the prosecutor’s office, which took the situation at the time토토사이트, was provided to the Chosun Ilbo. This is reporter Bae Joo-hwan. ◀ Report ▶ The Chosun Ilbo photos provided by readers are all 4 cuts. I posted before and after pictures of the self-immolation, along with a scene of soaring flames. The content of the article was more specific. Around 9:00, Yang Hoe-dong called YTN reporter and indicated the time when Hong Mo, a witness, appeared. From 9:36, the detailed situation was explained in seconds. A YTN reporter arrived and described the flames raging 10 seconds after spraying the volatile material and 18 seconds after the empty barrel was placed on the floor. The seconds-by-second description was precise and specific, which even witnesses at the scene of the incident could not understand. The parking lot of the Chuncheon District Prosecutor’s Office Gangneung Branch, the location of the self-immolation, is illuminated by the CCTV installed in the general civil affairs office across the street. For this reason , a Chosun Ilbo reporter wrote an article while watching this CCTV video, or someone

After watching, it is highly likely that he explained the situation in detail to the Chosun Ilbo.

[Bae Hyeon-eui/Chief of the Construction Union’s Legal Affairs Bureau]
“When we went up and looked at the scene of the incident from that perspective, this scene came out. If you look at this picture from the Chosun Ilbo article, you can see that it is the same location as this one.”

The construction union is raising the possibility that the prosecution or the police leaked the entire CCTV to the Chosun Ilbo.

[Shin Seon-ah/Construction Labor Union 100 lawyers]
“As you can see from the Chosun Ilbo report, the main content is to explain Mr. Hong’s movements by looking at the CCTV screen.”

In particular, the fact that Mr. Yang, who died before the witness Hong arrived, had already poured volatile substances all over his body, was omitted and only reported that Mr. Hong did not stop him even after seeing it, so it was expressed as if he had abetted Yang’s death. Possibilities arise.

[Jang Ok-gi/Construction Workers’ Union Chairman]
“We have no choice but to assume that the material was used for the purpose of distorting and instigating it by handing it over to a specific media outlet called the Chosun Ilbo without the consent of the bereaved family and the person concerned.”

MBC contacted the reporter to find out whether the prosecution or the police had turned over the CCTV in its entirety, but the call was not answered.

This is Bae Joo-hwan from MBC News.

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