Controversy over the selection of the national team is brewing ahead of the Davis Cup Seoul match, a national tennis competition.메이저사이트

Only 4 people were selected for the Davis Cup, which usually selects 6 people.

Reporter Kim Ki-beom covered the story.


The men’s national tennis team is playing a Davis Cup home game against Belgium this weekend.

Aces Kwon Soon-woo and Hong Seong-chan will be in charge of singles, and Korea’s strongest duo Song Min-gyu and Nam Ji-seong will be in doubles.

However, these 4 people are all of the team.

If there is an unexpected variable such as an injury during the competition, there is no substitute player. [Soundbite] Park Seung-kyu/Tennis National Team Manager : “If the story gets too long, I’ll tell you briefly. The current players

are the best, and I wanted to keep a good team spirit.”

to select.

In the 2017 Davis Cup match against Uzbekistan, when ace Jeong-hyeon suffered from an upset stomach and could not play, Kwon Soon-woo, who was on the waiting list, participated in the singles on the second day.

The circumstances behind the unusual selection of four people were different.

It was the reason that Jung Yoon-seong, who ranked third in the domestic rankings, did not match the teamwork with the rest of the national team players.

However, it is difficult to understand the decision of the national team coaching staff and the Korea Tennis Association that did not give other players a chance.

Amidst the questionable selection controversy, the national team has a tough match against Belgium, where veteran David Gofang is holding out. [ Soundbite

] Kwon Sun-woo/Tennis National Representative : “I think I have a lot of motivation because I’m thinking of winning this time and going to the World Group and entering the semifinals instead of the round of 16 or quarterfinals.”]

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