“It was a spring camp where everything went well, including the players’ enthusiasm for baseball, passion, sense of purpose for the team, dedication, and work ethic.”

Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop successfully completed his first team training as a leader.

Doosan completed the spring camp schedule held in Sydney, Australia for 34 days on the 6th. Although he digested the spring camp training alone, away from other domestic teams, he successfully raised his sense of the game through five actual matches (1 Australian All-Star game, 4 Cheongbaek match) and finished preparations for the 2023 season.

After finishing the spring camp, the Doosan team returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 7th. In the returning team, all the players, including coach Lee Seung-yeop, were charred.

After his return to Korea, coach Lee Seung-yeop, who met with reporters, expressed his satisfaction with the spring camp he led for the first time. Coach Lee said, “It went very well. There was almost no rain, so I used the indoor stadium twice (avoiding the rain).” I even digested the night training. It’s just the beginning, but I think I’ve done well enough in the preparation process.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop did not select an MVP (Most Valuable Player) in this spring camp. This is because the training attitude of all players is highly appreciated. In particular, the appearance of the seniors was highly praised. Director Lee said, “I was surprised. The oldest Kim Jae-ho was born in 1985 and is thirty-nine years old in Korea. Nevertheless, he digested the same amount of training as his juniors.” It was a spring camp where everything went well, from the enthusiasm and passion for baseball, to the team’s sense of purpose, dedication, and work ethic.”

He also commented on Jang Won-joon and Shin Sung-hyun, whom he interviewed and picked as notable players from the time he took office as head coach. Director Lee said, “Jang Won-joon is a veteran in the late 30s, so he is still (pace) up. It will take more time than younger players. He said, “Shin Seong-hyun has been consistently active in this camp. I hope he will continue (at this pace) until the demonstration game.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Time went by so fast during spring camp. When I was a player, I felt like I was going crazy because I didn’t have time.” .

He continued, “If only I saw it as a player, it is difficult for a coach to see everything from a distance. Still, the role of a coach is different. Since you recruited good coaches, you should talk with them and applaud and smile so that the players can do well. I’m not a hitting coach (he’s a hitter), but if I interfere with batting, the players will be confused,” he said, drawing a line in his role.

This is Lee Seung-yeop, the coach who rewrote the history of the Korean national baseball team. In particular, as he won the home run king of the first World Baseball Classic (WBC) competition, his gaze and affection for his juniors in the national team are bound to be different. Coach Lee said, “In a special match like Korea-Japan match, the difference in points won’t be too big. It’s an expedition to Tokyo, so we shouldn’t be overwhelmed, so if we score first, we can gain an advantage. There’s no need to be discouraged just because the Japanese national team has the best players ever.” “I have to win (must) win. But when I faced the Australian All-Stars, there were quite a few good players. Don’t be vigilant, score quickly from the first inning, and even if the score gap widens, don’t relax until the end of the game and do your best.” .먹튀검증

Instead of joining the national team at the 2009 WBC, he chose Kim Tae-gyun (current KBSn sports commentator) as his successor, and he picked Kang Baek-ho as the key player for this tournament. “I hope Kang Baek-ho does well. Last year, he was very sluggish, so he probably prepared a lot last winter. The performance in practice matches seems to be good. People can change if they have a spirit. You can hit a home run. If you think that a ball can go over the fence at the Tokyo Dome and only pay attention to accuracy, you will be able to hit a lot of good hits.”

The Doosan team, which takes a day off after returning home, will train at Jamsil Baseball Stadium from the 9th. Doosan plans to kick off an exhibition game starting with the Lotte Giants match at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 13th.

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