Although their performance as players does not necessarily proceed in the order of nomination, they clearly proved why they were selected as No. 1 or No. 2 in the draft. The two joined KGC side by side and contributed to the team’s leap forward as a strong team that had not even advanced to the championship match, let alone won the championship before.

Prior to the 2009-10 season, KGC,토토사이트 which traded the team’s starting point guard Joo Hee-jung, began to reorganize and rebuild its strength in earnest. In the process, he sent foreign player Nigel Dixon to Busan KT and received the right to be nominated in the first round of the rookie draft. This is because they and KT were ranked first and second in the 2010 draft. Being the first to be able to write two nominations was a huge benefit.

Guards were the trend in that draft. In particular, the three point guards, Park Chan-hee, Park Chan-sung (Park Yoo-min before renaming), and Park Hyeong-cheol, who were called ‘three nights’, were selected as strong candidates for the lottery pick. In that respect, there were many evaluations that Lee Jung-hyun’s second nomination was unexpected at the time. Each basketball community also responded negatively, saying, “I made a bad 2nd pick,” and even Lee Jung-hyun, the person involved, was surprised at the higher-than-expected ranking. However, through his steady efforts, Lee Jung-hyun grew into the best shooting guard representing Korea.

As can be seen from the fact that 3 nights were expected to be a strong lottery pick candidate, the draft had a strong guard position overall. Out of a total of 21 players selected until the third round, more than half of them were 11 guards. The first to fifth picks in the first round also all came from the guard position. Although guard resources were exceptionally abundant, it is not wrong to say that other positions were relatively weak.

The mixed-race draft is also indispensable. Five mixed-race players, including Jeon Tae-pung, Lee Seung-jun, and Moon Tae-young, were selected the previous year, creating a fresh sensation in the league. Unfortunately, out of seven participants, only one nomination was used. However, the presence of one person chosen like that was too great. It was because it was none other than Moon Tae-jong.

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