Suwon Samsung coach Kim Byung-soo said,”I don’t know how to put it into words” about winning his first win after taking office against his former team Gangwon.

Suwon won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Han Ho-gang and Ahn Byung-jun in the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 round 13 away match against 토토사이트Gangwon held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 13th. Suwon, which added 3 points, could not get out of the bottom (2 wins, 2 draws, 9 losses, 8 points), but succeeded in reducing the gap with Gangwon (10 points) in 11th place to 2 points.

Coach Kim Byung-soo, who attended the press conference after the match, expressed that the situation in which he won his first win after taking over as Suwon coach at Gangwon home was “very ironic.”

Coach Kim led Gangwon from 2018 to 2021. After he left Gangwon, he took a break, and returned to the manager’s position last April by토토사이트 ascending to the Suwon headquarters.

Coach Kim first said, “I want to give credit to the players. Players who gave up easily have the ability to overcome little by little. I want to praise them, apart from the tactical part,” he said. I wish I could,” he said.

Regarding his first victory in Gangwon, he said, “It’s a very nasty job. I won my first victory in Gangwon. I don’t think I can express this well in words.”

He said, “I can’t say which one is good or bad. I’m always grateful to the Gangwon fans. In a way, I’m grateful because it’s a team that helped me grow.” I hope you don’t give up and cheer for the players.”

I did not forget to praise Han Ho-gang and Ahn Byung-jun, who scored the goal that day.

Manager Kim said, “Han Ho-gang led the defense without much difficulty. He is a bright and positive player, and he seems to have been of great help to the team in that respect.”

Regarding Ahn Byung-jun, he said, “That level of goal was world-class. If I had the strength, I would want to carry it home.” “Ahn Byung-jun’s shot at an important moment was so cool that I wanted to look back again and again. I was in a lot of pain, but with this goal, the fans I hope you will receive a lot of love.”

Also, he said a word about playing coach Yeom Ki-hun, who showed off his old age by starting the game.

Manager Kim said, “It was so great. The best thing was to protect the ball until the players came up. Without that, you have to play a tough game. I wanted that part, and I think I did it well. I felt it. I think I did a great job in that area.”

Lastly, he said, “What our players need right now is praise,” and added, “Unconditionally, I will praise you even if I die,” and did not hesitate to cheer.

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