The Cleveland Cavaliers honor the legend of winning their first championship.

According to Mark Stein of 『The Stein Line』, Cleveland will designate Kevin Love’s (forward-center, 203cm, 114kg) number 0 as his permanent number.

Love recently agreed to part ways with Cleveland.바카라 After not getting enough playing time in Cleveland, he asked for his contract to be terminated. Cleveland has amicably reached an agreement with Love, and he’s expected to become a free agent soon and relocate.

Although Cleveland decided not to work with Love this time around, they decided to make his uniform number permanent. He played in Cleveland from the 2014-2015 season to this season. Not only did he play the longest in Cleveland, excluding LeBron James (Lakers), among active players, but he also remained a Cleveland man even after the BIG3 disbanded.

Most of all, he, along with James and Kyrie Irving (Dallas), helped Cleveland win its first championship in the 2015-2016 season. Although his offensive stats were not good, he devoted himself to rebounding and dirty work, contributing to one of the BIG3’s. Right after the 2016 Finals, he hugged James tightly and was thrilled with his and the club’s first win.

He appeared in 489 regular season games in nine seasons with Cleveland. He recorded 15.7 points (.429 .376 .848), 9.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 28.6 minutes per game. Except for this season, he consistently scored double-digit averages without missing a single season, and after joining the club, he averaged 15 points + 9 rebounds + in 5 seasons, helping the team to steadily challenge the premiership.

He also played in the playoffs. Although he hasn’t made the playoffs any more since 2018, he averaged 15.3 points (.403 .404 .854), 9.7 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 31.1 minutes in 63 games over four years. In 2015, his first playoff, he only played four games due to injury, but since then, he has been on the court more consistently than anyone else, leading the team to climb.

Although Irving in 2017 and James in 2018 left the team for their own reasons, Love has kept Cleveland to this day. He stayed centered as the team started rebuilding. Although he could not play many games due to injury in the 2020-2021 season, he played a role as a veteran last season and was a great help from the bench.

However, starting from the 2019-2020 season, the travel time began to decrease, and from last season, I had to accept a change in role as I mainly came off the bench. To make matters worse, his overall performance this season was not as good as before, averaging only 8.5 points. The fact that his role was not large also had an effect. He decided to leave Cleveland. His contract (four years, $120 million) expires at the end of this season.

Meanwhile, so far, seven people have been designated as permanently absent in Cleveland. 7 (Robert Smith), 11 (Gdrunus Ilgouscus), 22 (Larry Nance Sr.), 25 (Mark Price), 34 (Austin Carr), 42 (Nathan Thurmond), 43 Byrne (Bradley Doherty). Here, Love and James’ uniform numbers will be added later.

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