The court has warned the operator of the Incheon Yeongjong Island golf course ‘Sky 72’ that they will be forced to hand over the land.

According to the legal community on the 15th, the Incheon District Court delivered a notice of compulsory execution for the delivery of real estate to Sky72 Co., Ltd.

The court announced that if the site for the Yeongjong Island golf course in Jung-gu, Incheon is not returned to Incheon International Airport Corporation by the 29th, the real estate will be compulsorily executed and Sky72 will bear the cost.

The delivery of this notice was carried out in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling on the 1st. The Supreme Court upheld the court’s decision in favor of the Incheon International Airport Corporation in the appeal of the lawsuit against Sky72, including the delivery of real estate.

However, it is reported that Sky72 maintains its position that it will be difficult to hand over the land until the results of the prosecution’s investigation into the selection of the golf course operator are released.

An official from Sky72 said, “Apart from the lawsuit, the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office is conducting an investigation related to the process of selecting a golf course operator in accordance with the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s order to re-investigate.” said스포츠토토

Sky72 has borrowed land from Incheon International Airport Corporation on Yeongjong Island, the site for the construction of runway 5, and has created and operated a golf course and clubhouse.

Last year, Sky72 recorded 92.3 billion won in golf course sales and 21.2 billion won in operating profit.

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