Cho Seong-wook, who has secured a starting position in the sixth year of joining, is capturing the hearts of fans with his sweet appearance.

Cho Seong-wook joined Seongnam FC in 2018. During his Dankook University days, he performed well enough to be selected for the under-23 (U-23) national team, and he came to Seongnam and received expectations. He showed up by playing 11 games, but his place was definitely not there. While Seongnam was promoted to K-League 1, Cho Sung-wook went on loan to Gyeongnam FC. Afterwards, he stayed with the Jinju citizen football team to solve military problems.

After he returned, he played as a bench resource. He only played in 9 games in the 2022 season. Cho Seong-wook, who had not been able to show much of his presence in Seongnam for 5 years, increased his influence within the team with the appointment of Lee Ki-hyung as coach this season. Coach Lee Ki-hyung appointed Cho Sung-wook as vice-captain along with Jeong Han-min. Together with Kang Kang-bin, he was used as the main center back and left the rear토토사이트.

Even though he has not been noticed for a long time, Cho Sung-wook, who has quietly polished his skills, is showing a stable defense. He scored a valuable goal in his opening game and also succeeded in his professional debut goal. Aerial ball competition utilizing his tall height is his forte. According to the records provided by the K-League’s official supplementary data company ‘Bpro Eleven’, Cho Sung-wook showed strength by succeeding in 15 out of 17 attempts at aerial competitions.

He also has a good build-up ability. Under coach Lee Ki-hyeong, Seongnam plays football with a lot of activity, and while the players’ position changes a lot, Cho Sung-wook plays the role of starting point for development with a stable pass from the back. He constantly tries to switch left and right and long passes, and has a high success rate to help development. He is dangerous even in set-piece situations.

It’s a pity that he hasn’t been used much in the meantime. He drew attention from fans with his sweet personality as well as his skills. The anecdote of being kind to the escort kids of the Chungnam Asanjeon Shows the character of Cho Seong-wook. The Escort Kids who went to the ground with Cho Seong-wook were shaking due to the sudden cold and rain, but Seong-wook Cho took off his long padding and put it on the child.

On this day, Escort Kids were members of Seongnam Membership. They were fans with high loyalty to Seongnam, but there is a later story that their affection for Seongnam grew bigger after seeing Cho Seong-wook’s sweetness. Seongnam shed light on Jo Sung-wook’s actions through official social media, and fans applauded. Escort Kids’ mother also expressed her gratitude through a comment.

Cho Seong-wook, who made a proper eye contact in the sixth year of joining Seongnam, will continue to be responsible for Seongnam’s rear. In Seongnam, which is aiming for promotion, Cho Seong-wook’s performance is absolutely necessary. Cho Seong-wook is fully prepared to fulfill his mission.

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