The sudden suspension of Korean celebrities from appearing on Chinese programs has sparked controversy. Some analysts believe that China, which blocked Naver Search, may be pulling out the Hanban card again, just as the G7 summit ends.

Park Sung-hoon is our correspondent in Beijing.


This is a photo of singer Zheng Yonghua, who is very popular in China, posted on Chinese social media on the 17th.

“I’m back in Beijing after a long time,” he said, posting photos of his arrival at the airport and Chinese food.

Zheng Yonghua was scheduled to appear in an entertainment program produced by China’s largest video site.

However, the Beijing Municipal TV General Administration said the news of Zheng Yonghua’s appearance was untrue and that the company would not be booking him.

Singer HyunA was also scheduled to participate in China’s Wuhan Music Festival next month, but there are observations that it may be canceled먹튀검증.

It is analyzed that the restrictions on Korean celebrity appearances had been loosened after the China-Japan summit last November, but were tightened again on the occasion of the G7 summit.

[Mr. Limo/Beijing Citizen: The Han Han rule is the government’s position, it’s to protect Chinese culture, and as a Chinese, I have to follow the party’s position].

Indeed, China’s Sina Manga defended the appearance sanctions, saying, “Korean entertainers make money in China and then go back and criticize China,” while other outlets said, “It’s hilarious. The Hanhan decree has not been lifted,” stoking anti-South Korean public opinion.

This has led to calls for the government, which has been focusing on close diplomacy with South Korea and Japan, to start managing China risk.

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