The government requested the court to ban the sale of the books of former Ministry of National Defense spokesman Bu Seung-chan (53), which is suspected of being intervened in the process of selecting the presidential residence, but lost.

On the 22nd, the 21st Civil Settlement Division of the Seoul Western District Court (Chief Judge Lim Jeong-yeop) dismissed the government’s application for a provisional injunction to prohibit the publication and sale of books against Jomo, CEO of H Publishing, who published “Power and Security-Moon Jae-in Government Defense Secrets and Suspicion of Drilling.”

The government filed an application for a provisional injunction to prohibit the sale of the book, saying that some of the contents of the book are classified as military secrets under the Military Secrets Protection Act, and that publication and distribution could harm national interests.

However, the court judged that even if the publication of the book constituted a leak of military secrets, there was no legal basis to prohibit the publication itself as a preliminary remedy rather than a claim for damages.

Accordingly, the application for provisional injunction was dismissed without considering whether the contents of the book were classified as military secrets.

Previously, former spokesman Bu published a book based on diaries and records he wrote while serving as a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense in February.

In his book, former spokesman Boo wrote, “When selecting the presidential residence in April of last year, I heard from then-Chief of the Army Staff Nam Young-shin that I visited the Army Chief of Staff Office in Hannam-dong, which had been mentioned as a candidate for the presidential residence, and the Army Seoul Office in the Ministry of National Defense.” did.

The contents of the relocation of the presidential office and the official residence in Yongsan, mentioned in the book, caused considerable ripples in the political world, and were immediately denied by the presidential office, the Ministry of National Defense먹튀검증, and the Army.

The presidential office also filed charges against former spokesman Bu and the media reporters who first reported the contents of the book.

Former spokesperson Bu, a former Air Force major, served as a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense from the end of 2020 until just before the inauguration of the Yoon Seok-yeol government.

Former spokesman Bu, at the time of his tenure, publicly expressed his opposition to the relocation of the presidential office to Yongsan, saying, “Security is like air.”

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