I played the worst game.”

Director Kim Seung-gi of Carrot said: Carrot lost to Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan. Carrot, who trailed by 21 points in the third quarter, narrowed it down to 10 points, but eventually lost.

Manager Kim said, “I think I played a game I shouldn’t have. I lost my strength while chasing and it had a negative effect on the preparation for the second game토토사이트. In the playoffs, the faces of the players turned white.”

Also, “I felt that the regular league was useless. Too few shots went in. Two (3-point shots) went in in the first half. It’s a team with more than 10 3-point shots, but there was no element to win. The members were high It’s not even there,” he said.

Carrot’s 3-point shot was very poor. For Carrot, who runs the small lineup, many three-point shots are a prerequisite for winning this series.

Coach Kim said, “I thought Choi Hyun-min held the key to the playoffs, but he was sluggish here. I thought that if the shot exploded a little, the other side would release it. I was disappointed. It was all blocked here. Jeon Seong-hyun’s gap is too big. Lawson said it was difficult. “If Lee Jung-hyun played the first half like the second half, the game would have changed. Lee Jung-hyun was good in the second half.

He said, “In the defense of the second game, the rotation must be elaborated. I will not just back down in the next game.”

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