In the 2022-2023 season of the professional basketball regular league, which is heading towards the end of the regular league, there is a possibility that the 7th place team will go to the playoffs for the first time in history.온라인바카라

This is because KBL held an extraordinary general meeting on the 16th and reconfirmed the decision to ban Goyang Carrot from participating in the playoffs in the round of 6 this season if it does not pay the remaining 1 billion won in subscription fee by March 31st.

Carrot, who entered the professional basketball world by taking over Goyang Orion ahead of the 2022-2023 season, recently suffered from lameness, such as losing the salary of the players and delaying the payment of the subscription fee of 500 million won, which was supposed to be paid by early October last year.

Carrot, who has been struggling off the court, is fighting better than expected as he is 5th with a 22-20 record in terms of performance.

Carrot had a big power leak as Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Dae-seong, who had been the team’s ‘one-two punch’ until last season, transferred to Jeonju KCC and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, respectively.

However, the addition of ‘ace’ Jeon Seong-hyeon, who was recruited as a free agent (FA), the growth of rookie guard Lee Jeong-hyeon, and the stable performance of foreign player Didric Lawson, are making good progress.

With a difference of 4.5 games from 6th place Suwon kt (18-25), it is practically a difficult gap to overturn in the remaining 10 games.

Carrot’s advance to the final 6 is a bigger variable than whether or not to pay 1 billion won by the end of March than the remaining games.

If Carrot ranks in the 6th place but fails to pay the subscription fee in full on time, it will advance to the 7th place in the playoffs. This is the first case since the launch of professional basketball in 1997.

Currently, 6th place kt and 7th place KCC (17-24) have no rides, and 8th place Wonju DB (16-25) is chasing by one game. Korea Gas Corporation (15 wins, 28 losses) in 9th place deserves to be more motivated if given an opportunity to reach 7th place.

SPOTV commentator Lee Sang-yoon, who led the Yeosu Korea Tenders, called the ‘Hungry Army’ in the 2002-2003 season, to the semi-final playoffs, said, “At that time, all the players formed a consensus that ‘a good company can take over only when we perform well’, and we became more determined. He recalled 20 years ago, saying, “The secretariat did its best even in a difficult environment so that the athletes did not feel uncomfortable, and the teamwork was really tight.”

At that time, Korea Tender was acquired as KTF (now kt) in the 2003-2004 season.

This week, as it was during the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) competition, there was no original game schedule, but three games were organized at the request of some clubs to change the schedule.

In early March, Seoul SK and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which compete in the East Asian Super League, will go on an expedition to Japan.

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