Regarding the controversy that the perpetrator of the so-called “Busan Kick” case will retaliate against the victim after his release from prison, the Ministry of Justice has launched a response to prevent secondary damage.

On July 7, the Ministry of Justice issued a press release stating, “The special judicial police unit of the Daegu Regional Correctional Office 토토사이트(Special Judicial Police) is investigating Mr. A, a defendant in the ‘Busan Kickback Case’ that was recently reported in the media, for his retaliatory remarks against the victim after his release from prison.”

Based on the results of the special police investigation, the Ministry of Justice plans to take strict measures against Mr. A in accordance with the relevant laws, including considering the conversion of the case to a criminal investigation under the Criminal Code.

According to Article 107 of the Law on Execution of Sentences and Treatment of Prisoners, punishment may be imposed by resolution of a disciplinary committee for acts that violate the Criminal Code, the Law on Punishment for Acts of Violence, and other criminal laws.

The Ministry of Justice also added that “the defendant is under special management, including being designated as a candidate for interviews with prison officers and being subject to censorship of correspondence.”

Once Mr. A’s sentence is finalized, the Ministry of Justice will transfer him to a correctional facility far from the victim’s home to be incarcerated. Mr. A is due to be sentenced on appeal in 12 days.

Earlier, the victim, Mr. B, recently appeared on CBS Radio to express his anxiety that Mr. A, who is being held in a detention center in Busan, had memorized his personal details, including telling a detention center colleague that he would “visit the victim and retaliate” and “escape” when he was released.

The Ministry of Justice said, “We will do our best to take strong measures and make necessary system improvements to prevent secondary damage such as retaliatory crimes against the perpetrators of crimes.”

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