Blood could not be deceived. 

TAS, a domestic standing martial arts organization, held the ‘TAS 14 4th Admiral Yi Sun-sin Cup Korea-Japan National Martial Arts Competition’ at Chungmu Gymnasium in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do from 12:30 pm on the 3rd. This tournament consists of a total of 11 games. The main event consisted of four matches between Korean and Japanese players. 

While Japan’s Mao Yamazato (NGO Okinawa) took the first match of the Korea-Japan competition between female fighters, it was Kim Tae-gyu (JY Multi Gym Tongyeong) who stepped into the ring feeling a sense of responsibility. Moreover, as a descendant of an independence activist, Kim Tae-gyu had a unique mindset when dealing with Japanese players. 

Kim Tae-gyu showed confidence at the pre-press conference on the 1st, saying, “Your fists can’t reach me. I will win overwhelmingly.” 안전놀이터

And in the match that day against his opponent Miyagi Musashi (NGO Okinawa), Kim Tae-gyu showed his skills one level higher. He resolutely responded to his opponent’s blows at the end of the second round, and also withstood a foul from his opponent in the third round. Kim Tae-gyu continued to give effective hits to his opponent and won by unanimous decision among all judges. 

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