“It’s unfortunate. Everyone around me helped me a lot, but how did this happen to me? (laughs)” Last year, SSG

Landers’ main shortstop Seong-han Park challenged to become a ‘30% shortstop’. It is quite meaningful to record a batting average of . Even in team history, it is the title of ‘30% shortstop’ for the first time in 14 years since Jung Geun-woo. However, Park Seong-han, who maintained a 30% throughout the season, had a final batting average of 2098. Only one hit was missing. He played 140 out of 144 games as a shortstop, so that alone is a performance worthy of praise, but if he had just one more hit, Park Seong-han could have scored an official 300.먹튀검증

Park Seong-han, whom I met at the spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, looked back on last season and regretted that the 30% was finally broken. He also admitted that there was a physical challenge at the end of the season. Park Seong-han laughed, “It’s unfortunate. Many seniors and coaches supported me and gave advice so I could hit 30%, but I really couldn’t do it with just one hit. I didn’t know it would happen, but why did this happen to me?” He continued, “When the last few games of the regular season were left, it was only possible to achieve this by hitting 3 or 4 hits, so I gave up, but the more I did, the more hits I got. A hit came in. As the bat broke, wouldn’t a ball come out that exceeded the height of the infielder?

In fact, there was also a story behind it. If you used a ‘trick’, you could have achieved 30%. This is because SSG had the opportunity to adjust its appearance after winning the regular season. In particular, in the game right before the championship was confirmed, Park Seong-han raised his batting average to 299 with three hits. After that, in the game he picked out against a pitcher he was strong in and hit 1-2 more hits, and it was 30% without difficulty.

But I couldn’t. On October 5, against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil. It was Kim Gwang-hyun’s last appearance of the season, a personal title, and a challenge for the youngest and smallest 150 wins. Park Seong-han was essential for the defense, and Park Sung-han was willing to go out. He laughed, saying, “Doosan’s starting pitcher that day was a left-handed pitcher (Brandon Waddell). The coaches were trying to be considerate, but I wanted to go out because the senior’s title was at stake. I was also confident. But that day, I went 4 at-bats and had no hits.” It was a cruel fate.

Unfortunately, he failed in the first 30%, so Park Seong-han still has a place to rise. He said, “In defense, I’m trying to think again of the plays I was complacent in last year, and I’m trying to lower my stance a lot in consultation with the coach. In the batting, I felt that bad habits were formed in the second half and my stamina dropped, and my pace was drastically broken. That’s what this time We are correcting it at camp. We are constantly looking at what is wrong and catching it little by little.” I am looking forward to the 2023 season of Park Seong-han, a ‘player with a strong body’.

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