Virtually any football fan who has been on a beach holiday will have found themselves at some point or another kicking a ball about on the sand. The game of soccer has been played in an informal manner on beaches all around the world for decades, so in essence beach soccer is little more than a formalised version of that. 온라인카지노

The rules were first officially codified in Brazil in 1992 and that was an attempt to nail down a variation on football that will forever be popular by holidaymakers and sportspeople alike. Since then the sport has grown with many national leagues and international tournaments, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup being the pinnacle.

In order to bet on beach soccer it first help to find a betting site with markets for the sport. In general you are going to need to look to a bookie with European pedigree as sand footy is much more populr on the continent.

The best option by far is 10Bet, they are already renowned for having more football leagues to bet than any other site and they are pretty much top of the pile for all variations of soccer, the beach variety included. They also provide overall good value and are a large brand with all the features and options you now expect from leading online bookmakers.

Football, known as soccer in the United States of America and some other countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Such is its popularity, in fact, that numerous variations of it have been invented over the years in order to allow people to play it regardless of the circumstances that they find themselves in. You can read about one such variation elsewhere on the site if you look for the page on futsal.

In order to properly discuss the history of beach soccer is important to distinguish between the casual game of kicking a football around on the beach with some friends and the more competitive variation of the official sport.

Known variously as either beasal or futebol de areia, it started life in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s. The first tournament of any kind occurred in 1950 as an attempt to unite the various neighbourhood games that had been played in the previous decade.

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