Graeme Arnold, coach of the Australian national football team, said that Qatar, where the 2022 AFC Asian Cup will be held, is familiar and that he likes the grouping.

The AFC held the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final draw ceremony at the Qatar Opera Hall in Doha at 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 11th. Australia온라인카지노, led by coach Arnold, was placed in Group D of the tournament along with India, Syria and Uzbekistan.

After the draw, coach Arnold showed satisfaction with the group formation through a mixed zone interview. “Every matchup is tough, but it’s still very satisfying,” said Arnold. We played against each other. The opponent knows how we play, and we expect that too,” he said, leaving his impression of the group formation.

Arnold seems very satisfied with the tournament being held in Qatar. In the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup finals, it caused a blast in the round of 16, and before that, it survived being pushed into the intercontinental playoffs during the regional qualifiers, which had been driven to the edge of a cliff, and even then, the place was Qatar.

Arnold said: “We feel very comfortable here. We are used to the stadium and the surroundings. That is why we are looking forward to this Asian Cup very much. We will go into this competition with a great mindset and achieve good results.” showed confidence.

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