Manchester United defeated Newcastle 2-0 in the 2022-23 Carabao Cup final held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on the morning of the 27th and won the championship in six years.

Manchester United lifted the championship cup six years after winning the League Cup and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) in the 2016-17 season.

Fans and players enjoyed the joy of winning because it was Manchester United’s first title in six years, especially since Eric ten Hag had won the League Cup half a year after taking the helm.

However, it is said that the two stars who led Manchester United’s victory had an argument after the match. Fans who saw this said that it was a good look and applauded. What happened?

According to a report by The Sun on the 27th, fans called the argument “winning mentality.” It is speculated that the altercation between the players who achieved the great feat of winning the championship, but judged that there was something wrong in the process, was seen as a process to make a better team.

The players who had the altercation were Casemiro and Bruno Fernandez. After the match, the scene of the two players arguing was captured on the relay camera.

In the video, Casemiro, who stood at the top five times, including winning the Champions League with Spain’s Real Madrid, caught Fernandez.

The next clip shows Fernandez saying something to Casemiro as he opens his hands. Judging by the gesture, it seems to be saying, “Why did I do something wrong?”

Hearing this, Casemiro’s expression hardened. It seems that Fernandez clearly said no. Otherwise, it’s a winning situation and it should feel good, but Casemiro’s expression seems to ask, “Why did you do that?”

Thinking that there was something wrong with their argument, McTominay ran over and patted Fernandez’s head with a smile and said, “What’s wrong? You won,” he seemed to calm down.

In this situation, the fans say they liked it and clapped. It’s a situation that’s hard to see, and it’s a reaction from fans that’s hard to understand.먹튀검증

Analysts say that the reason why the fans applauded and liked the two people’s argument was that they were delighted because it was a ‘winning mentality’ to go to a better team, that is, a kind of competitive desire.

In fact, it is not clear what the subject of the dispute is, but media reports suggest that Fernandez seems to have demanded team play from Casemiro. In other words, it seems to be a point for not passing the pass to a teammate who was in a better spot in a situation leading 2-0.

However, the fans said, “Casemiro’s winning mentality. He praised him as “a big time player” or “Madrid spirit”.

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