I want to show my daughter how to soar again in a new team.”

K League 2 (Part 2) FC Anyang Lee Tae-hee (31) is desperately preparing for the 2023 season. Since his professional debut in 2015, his position as a one-club man in Seongnam FC has been solid, except for his military service period.슬롯사이트 In the 2022 season, he moved to Daegu FC in the K League 1 (Division 1) and took on a new challenge, but after experiencing ups and downs, he moved his nest again this year. In the 2017 season, when he was in Seongnam, the team was demoted to the second division and played in the K-League 2, but this is the first time he has chosen the second division stage himself.

Lee Tae-hee met with Sports Donga and said, “Last year, I had a lot of regrets, so I only want to help the team this year.” Coincidentally, manager Lee Woo-hyung showed an active intention to recruit, so I chose Anyang,” he explained the reason for joining Anyang.

This is Lee Tae-hee, who only played 13 league games last season. He was the least played in the 2018 season since Sangju Sangmu (now Kim Cheon Sangmu) days (9 games), and even without injuries, he failed to show more impressive form than his rivals Hwang Jae-won and Jang Seong-won. In such a situation, both he, who was born in Seoul, and his wife, who was born in Ansan, had to pay attention to childbirth and childcare while living in a foreign country (Daegu) for the first time last year. However, as he recently prepared to move to nearby Anyang, he is determined to give his all on the pitch for his daughter, who was born last August.

Lee Tae-hee, who recalled her life in Daegu last year, said, “All the members of the Daegu club tried to help me, but I couldn’t live up to my expectations.” This season, I am building my body with a different mindset than before, so as not to repeat it.”

Lee Tae-hee started to keep pace with her new colleagues from the Namhae field training on the 2nd of this month. So far everything is smooth. As Anyang, after losing the promotion playoff (PO) to Suwon Samsung last season and unfortunately missing the opportunity to promote to the first division, veteran Lee Tae-hee is in dire need as he has sent away key resources such as Akosti (Ghana), Kim Kyung-joong, Jeong Min-gi, and Baek Sung-dong. do.

Lee Tae-hee said, “Last season in the second part, I often watched competitive teams play. I thought that Anyang was an attractive team, and there are many good young guns on the team.” As the head of a family and as a veteran player, I want to help the team promote.”

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