The hottest player on the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour these days is ‘Jeju Man’ Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Engineering & Construction). He debuted on the tour in 2020 as a member of the national team. He had not won for three years until last year, but emerged as the strongest player on the tour with his third win this season.

Despite his calm appearance, he clearly possesses a great fighting spirit. However, winning is not achieved only with a strong will to win. There was another reason why he appeared like a comet.

It is said that he had the so-called ‘family-type support’ from none other than the sponsor, the Daebo Golf Team of the Daebo Group. Go Gun-taek signed a contract with the Daebo Golf Club, which was founded last year, and became the ‘Daebo Family.’

Daebo Group has a golf academy, practice range, and Inbee Park wedding hall within its affiliates, Seowon Valley GC, one of Korea’s top 10 prestigious courses, and Seowon Hills CC, which will host the LPGA Tour tournament in October. In addition, it is hosting the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Daebo House D Open.

It is said that at first, the plan was to form a golf team with popular female players. However, a mixed men’s and women’s golf team was born when Chairman Choi Deung-gyu readily accepted the suggestion of Lee Seok-ho, the midwife who founded the golf club, that “it is more effective to be interested in men’s golf when there is no interest in it.”

The fact that Go Gun-taek was able to be selected by the golf team was the result of Director Lee’s long-term attention. In a recent interview with Kookmin Ilbo, General Manager Lee said, “It was very impressive to see GoPro set a 10-under par course record during the first round of the 2021 Genesis Championship. “That’s why I was selected,” he said, explaining the background to the contract. He continued, “He is a player who becomes more attractive the more you look at him. First of all, he is kind and unaffected. “I never saw him get frustrated even with repeated failures,” he praised.메이저사이트

For the Daebo Golf Team, Go Gun-taek is playing the role of daily baggage. This is because Go Gun-taek is the only winner among men and women since its founding.

In particular, the message that winning the recently concluded major-level Shinhan Donghae Open gives to the group’s executives and employees is very strong. Go Gun-taek faced a crisis on the last day when he committed a double bogey on the 13th hole (par 5). However, he later made consecutive birdies on the 14th and 15th holes and succeeded in pushing the game into overtime with a birdie on the 18th hole (par 5), and eventually lifted the championship trophy.

Director Lee said, “The corporate management environment is the same. He said, “Even if there is a problem, rather than solving it all at once, like Go Pro, if you work hard step by step without giving up until the end, you will have an opportunity.” He added, “In that respect, Go Pro’s win is a great lesson for our group executives and employees.”

Director Lee not only serves as the head of the sponsoring company, but also plays a spiritual mentoring role. First of all, we treat all players like family. The same goes for players’ families. In particular, what he repeatedly emphasizes to his players is, ‘Let’s become the basics.’

In short, he is said to act as a father to all players. He never pushed his players. Before the competition, all I had to do was leave a KakaoTalk message saying, ‘Have fun and be cool-headed.’ And I always go out to cheer on the team during the finals. Players say that is a great help.

I asked Director Lee about future plans for operating the golf club. He said, “We plan to operate with an emphasis on discovering and nurturing promising talent rather than stars.”

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