On November 2 last year토토사이트, a husband pushed his wheelchair-bound wife to her death into the sea in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and their story has recently resurfaced.

According to the Hankook Ilbo on Nov. 28, Hiroshi Fujiwara, 81, reportedly took his wife’s death into his own hands after 40 years of loving care for her, who was paralyzed on the left side of her body following a brain stroke in 1982.

A supermarket clerk, Fujiwara married his coworker Teruko when he was 26 years old. When his wife suffered a stroke 14 years later, Fujiwara decided to take care of her himself, blaming “my failure to take care of my family due to my work.”

Fujiwara left his job at a supermarket to open a convenience store, and reportedly cooked three meals for Teruko every day.

But early last year, the couple’s life came to a crisis when her health deteriorated. Deruko, who was able to operate her own wheelchair to get around, was bedridden most of the day, unable to go to the bathroom, and had to change her clothes several times a day.

Teruko protested that she “didn’t want to go (to a nursing home) because it would only be an inconvenience (to others),” but Fujiwara, who also suffers from diabetes, decided to send her to a nursing home after others urged him to take care of his own health.

Feeling guilty afterward, he said, “I thought I should jump into the sea with her and die.”

The decision to kill came on the morning of the incident, when Fujiwara lied to his wife, saying, “My son is coming to see me, so let’s go to the sea.” When they arrived at the dock and Teruko asked, “I don’t think our son is here,” he replied, “He’ll be here soon,” and reportedly pushed his wheelchair-bound wife toward the sea.

Upon returning home, Fujiwara called his son to tell him, and within a day, he was arrested by police.

“I killed the person I loved,” Fujiwara reportedly said, “I don’t care what punishment I get, I want to be punished properly.”

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