A female nursing officer in her 20s in the Army is being investigated for leaving the workplace without permission after it was confirmed that she visited the unit where BTS Jin (real name Kim Seok-jin) works without permission .

She is also suspected that this nursing officer administered the vaccination directly to Jin.

The Army is in the position that it is true that the officer visited without permission, but that it is necessary to check whether she has been vaccinated.

In other words, the possibility that an officer who visited another unit without permission gave an injection to her soldier is also open.

The officer denies her allegations that she administered her vaccinations to Jean. According to the Army on the 19th, Lieutenant A in his 20s, a nursing officer in a certain unit , visited the 5th Division Recruit Training Center, where BTS

Jin is working, without permission in January . Lieutenant A is also suspected of administering the second vaccination against epidemic hemorrhagic fever to Jin at the medical office of the recruit training center.

BTS member Jin before enlisting in the military . newsis

After this fact was known, BTS fans were criticized for “stalking using their status as a nursing officer” and demanded strong punishment.

The army said in a statement that day, “As a result of inspection and investigation after receiving the case in March, it was confirmed that Lieutenant A visited another unit without permission around January.” We are in the process of handling it, and according to the results, we will deal with it strictly according to laws and regulations.”

According to Article 79 (Leave without permission) of the Military Criminal Act, an act of leaving the workplace without reporting to the superior may be punished by imprisonment for up to one year or imprisonment.

However, regarding the press report that Lieutenant A approached Jin using a personal relationship with a nursing officer belonging to the unit where Jin is serving안전놀이터, the Army said, “The report that a certain media company ‘preliminarily conspired with an officer of another unit’ was not true as a result of the inspection. It has been confirmed,” he said.

According to the Army, Lieutenant A claims that he “didn’t even know that BTS was in the unit and went there to help.”

However, contrary to Lieutenant A’s claim, no one has received a report from Lieutenant A saying, “I will visit.”

The army side said that the unauthorized visit was correct, but said that it would conduct an additional investigation into Lieutenant A’s claim.

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