Lee Ji-young was named on the final 30-man list for the 2023 WBC announced by the KBO on the 4th. Together with Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in Korea, 메이저사이트 they are in charge of the home room of the national team.

Attention was focused on who would be the second catcher for the national team. The 50-man interest list included free agent catchers who transferred while heating up this winter. Yang Eui-ji, who went to Doosan for up to 15.2 billion won in 6 years, as well as Park Dong-won, who went to LG for up to 6.5 billion won in 4 years, and Park Se-hyuk, who wore an NC 스포츠토토 uniform for up to 4.6 billion won in 4 years, were named. Only Yoo Kang-nam, who moved to Lotte for up to 8 billion won in 4 years and recorded the second highest ransom price after Yang Eui-ji, was not included in the 50-man list.

Instead, Lee Ji-young was named. In terms of free agent career, Lee Ji-young is shabby compared to the other three catchers.

Ahead of the 2020 season, he stayed with his team Kiwoom for up 토토 to 1.8 billion won for three years. He hasn’t even filled 4 years. In the wind, he has to sign a one-year contract for 2023. He gets his second free agent status at the end of the season. He has excellent skills, but since he turns 38 next year, it is unclear whether he will be able to hit the jackpot like the catchers this winter. Considering the catcher’s ransom bubble that swelled like a balloon in 토토사이트 this Stove League, Lee Ji-young could be disappointed in many ways.

I lost money, but I saved my pride. This selection of the national team served as an opportunity for Lee Ji-young to prove that he is the second most competitive catcher after Eui-ji Yang in the league. Lee Ji-young is a catcher with no weaknesses. Catcher EQ is good. He is good at leading, blocking, throwing and framing. His hitting isn’t flashy, but he’s good. Depending on 스포츠토토 the situation, he bats well and is not slow on his feet. He is a catcher that the bench can trust and entrust to him no matter when he wears a mask.

After Park Dong-won transferred to KIA, Lee Ji-young’s true value was further highlighted.

Last year, he played 505 innings as a catcher, but this year he significantly increased the number of innings to 994⅔. He shined even more in 토토사이트 the postseason.

He started all 15 fall baseball games from the semi-playoffs to the Korean Series and kept Kiwoom home. Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki, who added catcher Kim Si-ang ahead of the Korean Series, praised the veteran catcher’s dedication by jokingly saying, “Ji-young doesn’t like being asked if it’s difficult.”

Veteran catcher Lee Ji-young, who will be on the A team for 스포츠토토 the first time after he joined the professional team. It remains to be seen if he will show off the mature beauty of his 14-year professional life to the fullest in the WBC tournament.

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