A controversy has arisen over a report that a small and medium-sized enterprise collected money from employees for their “representative birthdays토토사이트” and prevented them from taking annual leave before and after the holidays.

On the 1st of this month, a post titled ‘They are collecting money from employees for the representative’s birthday’ was posted on the online community Bobae Dream. The attached photo shows a list of about 120 people, from vice presidents to employees, and a table with their titles, departments, and amounts. It seems that executives were paid 70,000 won, deputy directors and vice directors were paid 50,000 won, and managers and below were paid 30,000 won, for a total of 489,000 won.

Source = online community ‘Bobae Dream’

The memo, which appears to be an internal notice, also states, “We ask that you prohibit department members from taking leave before and after the holidays,” and “Using annual leave before and after the holidays is contrary to performing dense work.” “If it is unavoidable for business reasons, it is not a violation of the Labour Standards Act to agree to adjust the date of use of annual leave,” it added. The current Labour Standards Act stipulates that annual leave can be taken at a time of the employee’s choosing, but the timing can be changed if there is a significant disruption to business operations.

The company said in a statement on Sunday, “It was a voluntary action to hold a retirement banquet for employees on the occasion of the CEO’s retirement,” adding, “You can think of it as a general greeting event for employees.” The company also provides gift certificates for regular employees’ birthdays, and claims to provide various welfare benefits, including a trip to Jeju Island for employees who have worked for a certain period of time.

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