Yang Hyo-jin (34, Hyundai E&C), the ‘Eternal National University Center’, broke through 7,000 points in his personal career for the first time in history in a match against Pepper Savings Bank in the 2022-23 V-League held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 5th.

It is a record set in 16 seasons (462 games, 1,771 sets) after debuting as a pro in the 2007-08 season in 4th overall. Hwang Yeon-joo (Hyundai E&C), second in this category, scored 5,764 points, followed by Jeong Dae-yeong (Expressway Corporation, 5,564 points), Han Song-i (Ginseng Corporation, 5,281 points), and Park Jeong-ah (Expressway Corporation, 5,191 points). Considering that Park Cheol-woo (KEPCO), who ranked first in the men’s division, scored 6,573 points (18 seasons, 525 matches, 1,816 sets), it is not an exaggeration to say that Yang Hyo-jin’s record is an ‘unprecedented record’. Yang Hyo-jin also scored 1,450 blocking points (first ever).

However, Yang Hyo-jin smiled calmly at the news of his monumental record, saying, “I did a lot.” He added, “Maybe it’s because I’m an active player now (the record) doesn’t really touch me.”

It is said that Hyundai E&C has a culture of serving coffee to the team when something good happens. When asked, “Would you like to shoot coffee?” Yang Hyo-jin passed the ball to the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO). He said, “It seems that I have set many records such as scoring and blocking serve, but it seems that it has been quite a while since I received a prize money from the federation. I’ll take the prize money and shoot you coffee. 토토사이트(KOVO) please make a deposit,” he trembled. It was on October 24, 2021 (sub 300 points, 4 million won) that Yang Hyo-jin received the prize money for achieving the most recent ‘standard record’.

He is 34 years old this year. Considering that middle blockers such as league seniors Jeong Dae-young (42, Road Corporation) and Han Song-i (39, Ginseng Corporation) have relatively long lives, there is a prospect that “10,000 points” is possible in the future. It is not impossible for Yang Hyo-jin, who averages 450 to 500 points every season. Yang Hyo-jin, however, answered the question, “Do you have any records you want to achieve in the future?”, “I’m sorry to the fans who are looking forward to it, but there really isn’t.”

Yang Hyo-jin said, “When I was young, I played volleyball while looking at numbers and records. He really wanted to achieve the record of No. 1 in consecutive seasons in blocking, and he actually achieved it.” Yang Hyo-jin has been on the ‘Bloqueen’ for 11 consecutive seasons, from the 2009-10 season to the 2019-20 season. He said, “But at some point, I thought, ‘I want to enjoy the volleyball itself without dwelling on the shame.

As of the 8th, Hyundai E&C is running second in the league with 69 points, following Heungkuk Life Insurance (73 points). He started the season with 15 consecutive wins and ran an overwhelming lead in the league, but a streak of losses continued due to injuries to key players, and eventually allowed Heungkuk Life Insurance to reverse. The future schedule with three games left in the regular season is also not favorable for Hyundai E&C to overturn at the last minute. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It is not the first time or two that I have missed the championship. I wanted to win this year,” regretting the situation where the defeat continued. In fact, Hyundai E&C achieved ‘No. 1 in the regular league’ with overwhelming results in both the 2019-20 and 2021-22 seasons, but as the league ended early due to the spread of Corona 19, the title of ‘regular league championship’ was not obtained and the championship match was not played. couldn’t

However, there are many ways to win the championship game. It is the most advantageous way to go directly to the championship game with first place in the regular league, but the way to win the championship is open even after going through the playoffs. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It’s not always good to go direct. Even if you go 

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