Jayson Tatum (25) saved the Boston Celtics (hereinafter referred to as Boston) from elimination.

Boston, which Tatum belongs to, beat the Philadelphia 76ers (hereinafter referred to as Philadelphia) by 112-88, 24 points in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals held at TD Garden in Boston, USA on the morning of the 15th (Korean time).

Tatum scored 25 points in the first half alone and announced a good start, and scored the final 51 points. That’s the highest score in Game 7 of the playoffs, surpassing Stephen Curry’s 50 points against the Sacramento Kings just two weeks ago.

In addition, Tatum played 41 minutes and 40 seconds, recording 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and court margin + 33 points. Tatum, who started with a field goal success rate of 6.6% (1/14) in the 6th game, but led Boston to victory with 16 points in the 4th quarter alone, showed off his shooting sense in this game.

In an interview conducted after the game, Tatum said, “I was confident today,” and “I did my best to relax while joking before yesterday’s game.”

However, Boston’s road to victory was온라인카지노 tougher than expected. PJ Tucker scored 12 points in the first quarter alone, exceeding the previous playoff scoring record of 9 points. As a result, Boston started the first quarter with Philadelphia trailing 23-29.

However, with 8 minutes and 26 seconds left in the second quarter, Harden committed a pleasant foul 1 as he touched Brown’s face during a layup. From this, Boston ran an 8-0 score run to tie the game at 35-35. And Tatum perfectly took over the court, scoring 12 points in 5 minutes and 15 seconds. In particular, Tatum’s stepback 3-point shot with 31.4 seconds left at the end of the first half was the highlight of the game.

Boston, regaining its offense, continued to break down Philadelphia’s perimeter defense. Then coach Doc Rivers tried to cut off the flow with a timeout, but to no avail. Tatum scored 17 points, including four 3-pointers, in the third quarter alone, and Boston entered the fourth quarter with an 88-62, 26-point lead while recording 33-10.

Tatum added 9 points in the 4th quarter and pressed the leave button with 3 minutes and 23 seconds left in the game.

Meanwhile, Boston, which has been revived thanks to Tatum’s performance, will play the Eastern Conference final against the Miami Heat for the second year in a row.

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