Judge Kwak Kyung-pyeong of the Incheon District Court Criminal Division 2 sentenced A, 33, who was charged with child abuse under the Child Welfare Act, to five months in prison and two years of probation, the court announced today (Sept. 29먹튀검증).

He also ordered A to take a 40-hour child abuse recidivism prevention course.

A was accused of slapping his 4-year-old child on the cheek in June last year at his apartment in Incheon’s Namdong-gu district.

He was allegedly angry after listening to a recording of the child telling her mother, “Why do you make me suffer by marrying a thief like my dad, let’s put a cage around the house and lock him up.”

He was also accused of abusing the child at home in May of the same year by slapping her on the buttocks and soles of her feet for not listening to him during a visit to a kindergarten class.

“As a father, the defendant was obligated to protect and nurture the victim child, but instead, he physically abused her several times,” Judge Kwak said, adding that he had received education and counseling for child abuse in the past.

“The physical and mental pain that the young victim child must have felt and the negative impact on her emotional development can be fully imagined,” he said, adding, “The defendant has admitted to the wrongdoing and his wife has appealed for leniency,” he said.

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