The Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (hereinafter referred to as KLPGA) announced the KLPGA regular tour schedule for the 2023 season and announced that it will be the largest ever with 32 tournaments, total prize money of about 31.1 billion won, and average prize money of about 970 million won. said to be open.

The number of tournaments increased from 30 last season to 2, and the total prize money increased by about 2.8 billion won from 28.3 billion won, exceeding 30 billion won in total prize money for the regular tour season for the first time in KLPGA history. The average prize amount has increased from about 940 million won to 970 million won.

Most notable is the hosting of two new competitions. In the second week of August and the third week of October, new competitions with total prize money of 1.2 billion won will be held.

The increase in prize money from tournament sponsors also played a big role in celebrating the biggest season ever. The ‘Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship’, which boasts the best history and tradition of the KLPGA, raised the total prize money from 1.2 billion won to 1.3 billion won, and the ‘2023 Doosan Match Play Championship’, held as the only match play method in the KLPGA, increased from 800 million won to 800 million won. With 900 million won, the ‘Celltrion Queen’s Masters’ raised the prize money from 1 billion won to 1.2 billion won. ‘Hanwha Classic 2023’ will be held as the highest prize money competition this season, expanding the prize money from 1.4 billion won to 1.667 billion won.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that the total prize money of over 1 billion won was 14 out of 32, accounting for 43% of the total. The total prize money of 1.2 billion won or more exceeded 28% of all competitions with nine competitions.메이저사이트

There are 19 competitions that have been consistently held for more than 10 times, far more than half of them. As more and more sponsors continue to hold KLPGA tournaments, they are continuing the tradition and authority of the KLPGA Tour.

The 2023 season announced the opening with a new tournament, the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, in December, and the “PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship with SBS Golf” was held in Vietnam as the second tournament of the season. The opening game in Korea, the Lotte Rental Women’s Open, will begin the 2023 season schedule in earnest with an anchor in the first week of April.

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