The Korea Cheerleading Association 토스카지노(Chairman Lee Seon-hwa) announced that it held the launching ceremony for the national team of the 2023 ICU World Cheerleading Championships at the Seoul Olympic Parktel Olympia Hall on April 15 (Sat).

The national team consists of a total of 84 players, and will participate in the World Championship hosted by the International Cheer Union (ICU) World Cheerleading Federation. In addition, this year’s World Championship will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA (ESPN Worldwide Sports Complex Cheerleading Arena) on a schedule of 11 nights and 13 days from April 16 to 28.

The launch ceremony held on the 15th commemorated the association’s 20th anniversary and was prepared to boost the morale of participating players. In addition to a splendid game demonstration, parental support, training videos, and declarations of determination by player representatives were held. This competition is the 14th world championship challenge for the 2023 Team Korea cheerleading national team players, and this year, they will participate in a total of 7 events.

Participating events are Senior Freestyle Farm (Director Bora Kim), Senior Co-Ad Elite Team Cheer (Director Jin-Woo Jang, Manager April Reed), Senior All-Girl Elite Team Cheer (Director Son Yul), Youth Co-Ed Team Cheer (Director Jong-Pil Jeong) Youth All-Girl There are a total of 7 events: Advance (Director Lee So-ra), Double Hip-hop (Director Kim Hee-kyung), and Double Freestyle Farm (Director Kim Bo-ra), with a total of 84 players, including 63 players, 17 coaches, and 4 executives.

In addition, as the world’s first ICU World Cup Cheerleading 2023 Seoul Tournament was confirmed to be held on October 6-9, the association will actively engage in activities to attract participating teams through the AGM General Assembly, World Championships, and ISAF World Club Championships to promote the competition. Is expected.

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