Park Si-won succeeded in the first defense of the lightweight division and decorated the end of 2022.

Park Si-won (20, Cowboy MMA) defeated Yeo Je-woo (31, Strong Jim) in the Goobne Mall ROAD FC 062 -70kg lightweight title match held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 18th by unanimous decision in the third round. With this, Park Si-won remains the last champion in the lightweight division, which can be called the face of Road FC.

Siwon Park is the youngest champion in Road FC history. He was 20 years, 3 months and 20 days old when he defeated Park Seung-mo. He is undefeated with 7 wins in MMA.

At the press conference held the day before, he was not interested in his opponent, Yeo Je-woo. He naturally thought he would win, and rather, in a situation where Kwon Ah-sol’s participation in the match was in doubt, he shouted that he would face Kwon Ah-sol’s opponent, Koji Nakamura, following the match against Yeo Je-woo. And on this day, when he was selected as Fighter of the Year before the match, he showed extreme confidence, saying, “I am right.”

Although Yeo Je-woo did not care about Park Si-won, he won 4 consecutive wins in Road FC and qualified as a challenger. A well-rounder who is good at both hitting and grounding. Rather, Yeo Je-woo is a style of provoking the opponent during the game, such as sticking out her tongue and making a ‘melong’. So, more attention was drawn to the confrontation between the two.

Park Si-won looked like he was going to win quickly, but he was cautious when he actually entered the game. Rather, he was tackled in the middle of the first round and was in danger of getting a takedown. However, he escaped the crisis by using the big difference in height to get out.

The second round didn’t show a hot look either. Park Si-Won succeeded in hitting several times and Yeo Je-Woo also threw a punch at Park Si-Won, but he could not be said to have taken the lead.

At the start of the 3rd round, after hugging and encouraging each other, a full-fledged fight began. Siwon Park kicked and punched and then tackled. Park Si-won gave Yeo Je-woo several abdominal strikes in the clinch situation, and this worked. In the immediate standing position, Park Si-won continued to punch and drove Yeo Je-woo into a groggy state. However, no definitive one came out. 스포츠토토

Afterwards, Yeo Je-woo tried to make up for it by punching and kicking several times, but it did not give an impact, and the tackle did not work either. Rather, Park Si-won tripped over Yeo Je-woo and attempted a choke. However, Yeo Je-woo got out and punched until the end.

Siwon Park won by unanimous decision. remained champion. Park Si-won became the main character of 2022 by winning the Best Fighter of the Year in 2022 and the Ares Award given to the male player who performed the best on the day.

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