Jeju United’s rising trend is ‘efficiency’ offensive football.

Jeju is currently the team with the best momentum in the K-League 1, along with leader Ulsan Hyundai. I was hesitant at first, but I got back on track. He succeeded in winning 5 games in a row with ‘Dragon Stance’ and finished in 3rd place in the league. Not only the unique sticky defense, but also the offense has regained vitality.

Jeju scored 20 goals in 13 games, but only scored 15 goals during the 5-game winning streak. 3 goals per match during this period. Except for the match against Gwangju FC (1-0 win) in the 9th round, they have scored more than multiple goals in all of their last 4 games. He scored 5 goals against Suwon FC in the 13th round.

Even if you look at the records this season, the offensive indicators stand out. Jeju has attempted 156 shots in 13 games and is 6th. However, the number of effective shots is 1st with 67. 5.15 shots on target per game. The ratio of effective shots to shots (43%) is also second. He also ranks fourth in the penalty box with 92 shots. Conversely, blocked shots were 10th with 25. As such, it means that an effective attack is launched in front of the gate.

Jeju coach Nam Ki-il is evaluated as a leader who is good at defensive tactics. Through Gwangju FC and Seongnam FC, he showed a sticky defense. Of course, this season, he is second in the least with 12 goals. In particular, only one goal was conceded during the five-game winning streak. The defense team, which includes Lim Chae-min, Jeong-woon, and Kim O-kyu, along with Kim Joo-won and Song Joo-hoon, boasts a solid defense that is said to be one of the best in the league. Wingbacks such as Ahn Hyun-beom, Ahn Tae-hyun, and Lee Ju-yong are not bad at defense.

Here’s a look at the offensive power this season. Forefront striker Yuri Jonatan’s play is a bit disappointing, but he is also recording 3 goals and 2 assists카지노사이트. Director Nam expressed his intention to give Yuri enough opportunities and time. Yuri is also highly regarded for his training and attitude to life.

Manager Nam’s steady faith also plays a part in saving the strikers. Striker Seo Jin-soo, born in 2000, is showing off his multiplayer ability regardless of his position. When Seo Jin-soo was unable to play, coach Nam comforted him by personally apologizing. Accordingly, Seo Jin-soo participated in 11 matches and scored 4 goals, becoming the team’s top scorer along with Hays. In addition, Kim Joo-gong, who rarely scored, was given opportunities to play continuously, and in the end, Kim Joo-gong started the horsemanship and roared after 13 games.

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