“We were able to win the game by actively grabbing rebounds in the second half.”

Sungkyunkwan University won 67-46 against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at the gymnasium of Sangmyung University’s Cheonan Campus on the 26th. Kim Yoon-sung led the team to victory with 19 points and nine rebounds.

“I think we didn’t have enough rebounds at the beginning. In the second half, I think we were able to win the game by actively grabbing rebounds,” he said.

On the day, Sungkyunkwan University was shaken by Sangmyung University’s steady pursuit. Despite winning the game by 21 points in the end, there were several times when they allowed their opponents to catch up.

Kim Yoon-seong said, “I think we didn’t rebound well토토사이트 when we allowed them to catch up. Even though we defended well, we gave up rebounds, which led to putbacks, and I think that’s what went wrong,” he said.

Kim Yoon-seong continued, “My coach tells me to focus on rebounding and defending under the basket because I’m the big man on the team. He also told me to be confident in one-on-ones when I get a chance. Even before today’s game, he told me to play one-on-one confidently because the opponent is not very tall, and I think that worked out well.”

After scoring a basket in the third quarter, Kim Yun-sung also performed a ceremony that means “the defence is too small to stop me”.

“I think I was able to score easily because they didn’t have many big men. It felt good to score in the moment, so I think that’s why I came up with the serenade,” she said with a smile.

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