It was the first round of the WBC held at the Gocheok Dome six years ago. Korea lost 1-2 to Israel in their first match. The following match against the Netherlands. If you lose here, it is decisive that you will be eliminated from the preliminary round.먹튀검증

Starter Woo Kyu-min was hit by the first batter in the first inning. Next is Jurickson Profar No. 2. The count is 3-1 on the batter’s side. It was an unavoidable fifth pitch. On the far side, the low 131 km runs through the zone. In an instant, the hitter catches up with him. Then, a lightning-like swing exploded.

‘Pak~’. It is the rupture of a ball breaking. At the same time, the audience gets chilly. The batted ball soared high. And it disappeared far beyond the fence. It’s about 5 minutes into the game. One swing, and that made it 2-0. The rest was a waste of time. In fact, the game ended there. (Losing 0-5)

Korea is a strong team in the semifinals of the 1st tournament and the runner-up in the 2nd tournament. Besides, this is the first qualifying round played at home. He was confident, but his steps were twisted. From the start, they suffered a losing streak and were eliminated.

The opponent who was humiliated is the Netherlands. The lineup is gorgeous. Major leaguers filled the infield. There are only three All-Star shortstops (Zander Bogarts, Didi Gregorius, and Andrelton Simmons). Position traffic control was a headache.

These are not the only ones. It was a time when Profar, the main character of the final shot in the Korean War, second baseman Jonathan Scoop, and closer Kenley Jansen were enjoying their prime in their 20s.

The main force of the Dutch national team is from the dominion of Curacao (Bogatz was born on the island of Aruba next to Curacao). It is a small island off Venezuela. It covers an area of ​​only 440 square kilometers. It is only 1/4 of Jeju Island. Let’s say the population is about 150,000.

As children, they learned to play baseball on a stone field. The ground was full of weeds and gravel. I played with an old ball with loose stitches. Spilling nosebleeds from balls that bounced off rocks and breaking teeth were not uncommon. So there is a theory that there are many excellent shortstops.

They won the 2004 Little League World Series. At this time, the main members built a strong lineup. For us, this is the golden generation. In the last Baseball World Cup in 2011, he defeated Cuba and stood at the top. It caused a stir in the WBC as well. During the 2009 tournament, he defeated the strongest Dominica twice. And in 2013 and 2017, they advanced to the semifinals.

This year’s tournament also has many members left at this time. These include Sir Didi (Gregorius), Andrelton Simmons, Vladimir Valentin, Roger Bernardina, and Jonathan Scoop, who were even given titles in their home countries. Xander Bogarts and Canley Jansen will join at a later date.

This dark horse stumbles from the start. It is because of the unexpected difficulties encountered in the practice game. They lost their first two matches (score 1-4, 4-15). It was a game that was pushed in the air defense. The opposing pitcher couldn’t cheer up, and the mound collapsed allowing continuous hits. With two weeks remaining, the competition is worrying.

I was suffocating from the start of the first match. Starter Moon Dong-joo’s ferocity makes him faint. He struck out two in the second inning. Sir Didi was dragged away by a high fastball. Patrick Leader became ‘ice ding’ on the far side fastball. It is helpless with a maximum speed of 156 km. He whispers to each other, ‘What a great friend’.

Game 2 was a crushing defeat. Steam leaked from Noh Si-hwan’s (two-run) home run from the first inning. He collapsed, allowing 11 balls on 4 balls for 15 hits. On the other hand, the opposing pitcher throws well. Felix Pena allowed 1 run in 2 innings, and Han Seung-hyeok, Kim Jong-soo, and Jang Si-hwan allowed 1 run in 1 inning each.

In particular, I stick out my tongue at Jang Min-jae, who is a candidate for the opening game. He ate 3 strikeouts in 2 innings on an insignificant ball. Velocity is in the mid 130 km, but it runs a stretch gale on splitters that flutter and fall. In the dugout, admiration bursts out, saying, “As expected, the master.”

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