I might tear the jersey.”

On the 4th, Korea Expressway Corporation beat Heungkuk Life Insurance to a set score of 3 in the 4th round of the women’s championship match of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium. -1 (22-25, 25-22, 25-22, 25-23).

According to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) statistics, the team that won both the first and second rounds of the championship has a 100% chance of winning. However, the road construction raised 0% to 50%. In addition to the unique sticky defense, Catbell and Park Jung-ah’s firepower created a miracle. The road construction is now challenging the first record in the history of the V-League men’s and women’s divisions. If Heungkuk Life Insurance wins and the road construction becomes the champion, it will recapture the champion in 5 years after the 2017-18 season.

On this day, Catbell scored 30 points (attack success rate 43.28%), the highest score of both teams, Park Jung-ah 20 points, and Bae Yoo-na 16 points, making the team go to Incheon. 

Park Jung-ah, who met again after the match, said, “It’s hard to die, her feet hurt so much and she was spirited until the 2nd set카지노사이트, but she was distracted from the 3rd set. I was able to win because Catbell was so good at it.”

She even made a funny (?) laugh with the addition of the comment, “She was so tired that she fell over and was on the bench, so I accidentally gave her a high five.” 

In an interview with rookie Lee Ye-eun earlier in the 3rd game, Park Jung-ah said, “When I go to Incheon, there are many Heungkuk Life Insurance fans, so I feel intimidated.” However, she has a different mindset in Game 5 and wants to enjoy it. He expressed his determination, “Certainly, there are a lot of Heungkuk fans when we go to Incheon, and the cheering is really loud.

The fourth set was almost showtime for Catbell. Scored at every clutch moment. With the score 23-23, he scored with his left hand and made a highlight.

Regarding this, Catbell said, “I hit it with the thought that I had to score a goal no matter what kind of ball it was, and I hit it with my left hand because I thought it was a ball that I could only hit with my left hand.” 

In addition, he expressed a deep sense of responsibility for the team, saying, “My duty as a striker is important, but I enter the court with the determination to fulfill my role as a defender as well.

In addition, Catbell was caught shedding tears of emotion after the victory. After the former mercenary Katarina Jovic was released, she was recruited in the middle of the season, but she took center stage as a clear mood maker, and now she is flying high, proving her skills. 

He said, “I am a sentimental person,” and expressed joy with his unique high tension and large gestures, saying, “I can’t believe this moment of interviewing, and my body hurts, but I can’t believe I’m playing in the same position after returning to Korea.” . 

He didn’t forget to make people laugh by saying, “I want to naturalize or get a Korean passport” followed by “If I win the 5th game, I might tear my jersey, I think there will be an uproar.”

The 5th game of the championship match, in which the fate of Heungkuk Life Insurance and Expressway Corporation was split in half, will be held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 6th. 

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